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NYC Department of Corrections and Department of Health in Minnesota for CIT training.

Mental Health Crisis Response Training for Corrections and Detention

40 Hour CIT training: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)training - Mental Health Response for Corrections and Detention

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is a law enforcement mental health crisis response model developed by the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department with its mental health partners in 1988. It teaches the de-escalation model of mental health crisis response. This training for corrections and detention staff was developed to address real world situations found in jails and prisons with realistic daily scenario based practical exercises using professional actors.  Click here for training curriculum.

$650 per student for the 40 hour, five day class.  Discounts available for large groups.  Click here for upcoming CIT Courses.

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  • Mental Health Crisis Response Training for Courts, Court House Staff and Office Staff

Appropriate for those who work in a government office, courts or other setting where callers or walk-ins may be struggling with mental health illness.  Includes a consumer panel on recovery from severe mental illness and appropriate realistic scenario based practical exercises with professional actors.   

For more information about upcoming trainings check here or register online here.

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